Mackinac Island Grand Hotel, June 2022

Join us in June 2022 as we travel to Northern Michigan and the crossing of the Mackinac Straights where the Upper Peninsula of the state meets the lower. Here is where the two Great Lakes of Michigan and Huron connect and we find the beautiful lakeside village of Mackinaw City (spelled Mackinaw). It is also where we board the passenger ferry over to Mackinac Island. This is such a beautiful crossing of Lake Huron, indoor seating or for those who love the wind in their hair, there is outdoor seating atop the ferry for the twenty minute crossing. It is always a great pleasure to approach Mackinac Island, as she is a gem to gaze upon from the waters.

Welcome to Mackinac Island! Here, there are no motorized vehicles allowed on this pristine 3.8 mile island. Mackinac Island once served as a strategic point for the Great Lakes fur trade and later the British established Fort Mackinac on the island during the American Revolutionary War. The Fort still stands today and is open for tours which include costumed docents and battle recreations.

Mackinac Island first became a popular vacation resort destination for the very wealthy in the late 19th century and the entire island is now listed as a National Historic Landmark. Travelers are wooed by the architecture, gardens, galleries,

restaurants, history, natural beauty, and the 8 mile bicycling trail that follows the island’s perimeter. The Village main streets are filled with wonderful shops, cafes and fudge shops and tourists are known as “fudgies”!

The natural beauty of the island is best experienced by horse-drawn carriage. Narrated carriage tours are always a highlight as the horses make their way through the heavily wooded areas, past the fort, and over to a scenic lookout of a natural carved arch that overlooks the water. The lilacs that drench the island are thick and sweetly scent the air!

Your Tour Vacation includes two nights at the majestic Grand Hotel which first opened in 1887. It is the Island’s most predominant focal point. The hotel features 386 guest rooms, none of which are alike and boasts the world’s largest front porch.

We hope you can join us on this amazing Summertime tour!

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