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Everyday we receive calls from solo travelers (women and men) that are frustrated with higher costs simply because they choose to travel alone.  Though there is a reason for single supplements, where doubles split hotel room costs, we understand the confusion of this additional charge for individuals.  We also do find that many travelers do prefer to enjoy the amenities of a single room.

To make it simpler and more affordable, when traveling with DIRECTIONS Tours, solo travelers will enjoy our great tour vacations at the same rates of doubles (on some tours) or just a little more.  Compare our itineraries and single supplements to any other tour company and be assured you will find the lowest single supplements with us!

Worried about traveling alone?  Peace of mind, when you are a DIRECTIONS guest, you are never “alone”!  When traveling in a group setting, our travelers often engage with with each other and safely navigate.  Many of our travelers have become lifelong friends and travel buddies.  There are so many great places to explore with us and we hope you will join us! 


Most Affordable Single Traveler Supplements

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