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KY is the Trip 

July 8-11, 2024

Experience a thrilling four-day journey through Kentucky, where adventure, history, and culinary delights await. From the vibrant streets of Clarksville to the majestic horse farms of Georgetown and the historic charm of Lexington, each day promises excitement and discovery. Indulge in delicious cuisine, sip on Bourbon, and uncover hidden gems on guided tours. This tour offers unforgettable experiences that capture the essence of the Bluegrass State. 

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Monday, July 8, 2024
– Day 1

Get ready for an adventure as you depart for Clarksville, IN, where the excitement begins. Brace yourself for a time shift as you enter the Eastern Time Zone, adding an extra hour of fun to your day! Indulge in a tantalizing independent lunch at Chillburger, Joella’s Hot Chicken, or CoreLife Eatery, with a plethora of delicious options waiting just around the corner at Mission BBQ, McAlister’s Deli, Jersey Mike’s, and Qdoba Mexican Eats.  

But the journey doesn't end here - next stop, Georgetown, KY! Get ready for an unforgettable experience at the Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Farm Tour. Witness the majestic beauty of over 100 former racing champions as they roam freely, and don't miss the chance to share a snack with the legendary Silver Charm, Kentucky Derby's oldest living winner. Speaking of legends, brace yourself for an evening filled with Kentucky flair as you check into the Home2 Suites and indulge in a dinner at Wilshire's. Savor the iconic Kentucky Hot Brown while sipping on the state's beloved Bourbon, all within the historic confines of General John Paynes Old Home.

Just when you thought the day couldn't get any more enchanting, prepare for a candlelight tour of Ward Hall. Step back in time to the 1850s as you explore this opulent villa, once purchased with a staggering $50,000 worth of gold. Listen to tales of Sallie Ward, the 'Belle of Louisville,' who thrived on scandalizing polite society. It's a day filled with history, charm, and a dash of intrigue! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2024
– Day 2 

Rise and shine with excitement as you bid farewell to your temporary abode and set off for Harrodsburg, KY. But first, fuel up with a delicious breakfast at the hotel before embarking on a thrilling tram tour of the Toyota Motor Manufacturing plant, the birthplace of America's automotive innovation.

 Then, journey back in time as you visit Shaker Village, where history comes alive. Indulge in a lite lunch at the Trustees' Table, where soup, salad, and dessert await to tantalize your taste buds. Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring melodies of traditional Shaker music and witness mesmerizing dance demonstrations that celebrate unity and community. Take a guided tour of the historic village, where you'll gain insight into the Shakers' way of life and their profound influence on Pleasant Hill's history.

Before bidding adieu to Harrodsburg, don't forget to explore the onsite shops, where unique souvenirs await to commemorate your unforgettable journey. Return to Georgetown for a relaxing evening and a sumptuous dinner at a local restaurant, where the flavors of Kentucky will dance on your palate once more.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2024
– Day 3

As the sun rises on another day of adventure, prepare to set off for Lexington, KY, where the spirit of the Bluegrass Region awaits. Join a guided Horse Country Tour, where you'll visit farms that embody the essence of Kentucky's equestrian heritage. Then, brace yourself for a visit to the iconic Kentucky Horse Park, a paradise for horse lovers.

Explore the sprawling grounds, home to dozens of horse breeds, and delve into the park's rich history at the International Museum of the Horse and the American Saddlebred Museum. Immerse yourself in the daily equine presentations, horse-drawn tours, and captivating shows that celebrate the bond between humans and horses.

As the day ends, indulge in a delectable dinner at Fava's of Georgetown, a historic eatery serving Southern comfort food since 1910. It's a day filled with majestic horses, fascinating history, and culinary delights that will leave you craving more.

Thursday, July 11, 2024
- Day 4

As your journey ends, savor one last breakfast at the hotel before bidding farewell to Georgetown and setting off for Frankfort, KY. But wait - there's one last surprise in store!

It's time to sip and savor at a Bourbon tasting at a local distillery, where you'll discover the rich flavors and history behind Kentucky's beloved spirit. And what better way to cap off your adventure than with a mouthwatering lunch at Claudia Sanders Dinner House in Shelbyville, KY, where Southern hospitality meets culinary excellence. 

 As you depart for home, memories of your unforgettable journey through Kentucky will linger, promising tales to be told and adventures to be cherished for years to come.

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