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Tractor Tracks & River Rhythms 

A Quad Cities Adventure! 

August 16-18, 2024

Join us on a thrilling journey through the heartland with our 'Tractor Tracks & River Rhythms: A Quad Cities Adventure!' Experience the excitement of touring John Deere's iconic factories, indulge in delicious meals aboard a scenic Dinner and Dance Cruise along the Mississippi River, and explore the rich agricultural heritage of the region at Cinnamon Ridge Farms. Delight in Broadway-style entertainment at Circa 21 and discover the sweet allure of chocolate at the Quad Cities Botanical Center. With charming downtown explorations and immersive historical tours, this tour promises unforgettable moments and cherished memories in the heart of the Midwest. 

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john deere.jpg

Friday, August 16, 2024 – Day One 

Enjoy an exhilarating journey from St. Louis, your excitement palpable as you settle in for a delightful adventure with a lunch stop en route to the Quad Cities. The anticipation builds as the landscapes shift outside your window, hinting at the experiences awaiting you. 


Arrive at the John Deere Davenport Works, where the towering buildings stand as a testament to innovation and industry. Check in for the factory tour, eager to delve into the heart of manufacturing excellence. As you step inside, the hum of machinery surrounds you, setting the stage for an immersive exploration. Follow your guide through the vast facility, marveling at the precision and skill that goes into crafting each piece of equipment. Don't forget to browse the factory store before you depart, a treasure trove of John Deere memorabilia awaiting your discovery. 


Next, venture to the Pavilion and Store in Moline, where the iconic green and yellow colors of John Deere greet you. Spend time wandering through exhibits that celebrate the rich history and ingenuity of the brand. From vintage tractors to cutting-edge technology, immerse yourself in the world of agriculture and innovation. 


Afterward, check into the hotel, where you have a moment to refresh and recharge before the evening's festivities. As the sun begins to set, board the Celebration Belle for a Dinner and Dance Cruise along the majestic Mississippi River. Indulge in a feast for the senses as you dine on delicious cuisine, sip cocktails, and sway to the rhythm of live music. The gentle lapping of the water against the boat's hull provides the perfect backdrop for an evening of relaxation and camaraderie. 

Saturday, August 17, 2024 – Day Two 

Saturday morning dawns with the promise of new adventures. Fuel up with a hearty breakfast before setting out for Cinnamon Ridge Farms, a beacon of innovation in the heart of the countryside. From robotic dairy technology to sustainable farming practices, immerse yourself in the world of modern agriculture. Sample farm-fresh delights and browse the on-farm store, where homemade treats and treasures await. 


Then, journey to the iconic Iowa 80 Truckstop, a mecca for travelers and truck enthusiasts alike. Explore aisles lined with vintage trucks and trucking memorabilia, marveling at the evolution of transportation over the years. Enjoy a delicious meal at one of the many eateries, each offering home-cooked comfort and hospitality. 


In the evening, make your way to Circa 21 for a performance of Menopause The Musical, a hilarious and heartwarming celebration of womanhood. Laugh along with the characters as they navigate the trials and triumphs of "the change," accompanied by a buffet-style feast fit for a queen. 

Sunday, August 18, 2024 – Day Three 

Sunday morning brings a leisurely start, with breakfast at the hotel and a visit to the nearby Farmers Market. Take time to explore downtown Davenport, with its charming shops and historic landmarks, before venturing to the Quad Cities Botanical Center. 


Discover the sweet allure of chocolate as you explore the gardens and learn about the history of this decadent treat. Then, journey to the Deere Wiman House and Butterworth Center, where the stories of John Deere's descendants come to life against the backdrop of exquisite architecture and lush gardens. 


As you bid farewell to the Quad Cities, your weekend is filled with unforgettable experiences and cherished memories, a testament to the beauty and bounty of the Midwest. 

Single: $965/TRAVELER

Double: $785/TRAVELER

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