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Autumn Ales & Alpine Vibes 

Starved Rock Oktoberfest Getaway 

October 20-21, 2024

Join us for an unforgettable Oktoberfest extravaganza at Starved Rock! Get ready to immerse yourself in a whirlwind of German cheer, vibrant colors, and mouthwatering cuisine. Our two-day adventure promises an escape from the ordinary as we indulge in traditional German lunches, hearty dinners, and plenty of frothy brews along the way. Picture yourself dancing to lively polka tunes, exploring scenic trails adorned in autumn hues, and raising your stein in celebration of friendship and fun. From the festive atmosphere to the stunning natural beauty, our Oktoberfest tour is the perfect blend of excitement and relaxation. Don't miss out on this opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime – book your spot today and let the Oktoberfest magic begin! 

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Sunday, October 20, 2024 – Day One 

Get ready to raise your steins and embrace the spirit of Oktoberfest as we embark on a lively journey to Starved Rock! Our two-day tour promises a blend of festive fun, scenic beauty, and cultural delights that'll make your Oktoberfest experience unforgettable. 


We kick off our adventure bright and early, hitting the road with excitement bubbling in the air. Along the way, we'll make a stop for a traditional German lunch, where you can savor the flavors of Bavaria and fuel up for the festivities ahead. 


As we arrive at Starved Rock, the autumn colors paint the landscape in hues of gold and amber. Check into your cozy accommodations and take a moment to soak in the crisp October air and the beauty of the surroundings. 


In the evening, join us for a hearty German-inspired dinner, complete with bratwurst, pretzels, and, of course, plenty of beer to toast to the start of our Oktoberfest celebration. 

Monday, October 21, 2024 – Day Two 

Wake up to the crisp morning air and the promise of a day filled with Oktoberfest excitement! After enjoying a delicious breakfast, set out to explore the natural wonders of Starved Rock at your leisure. Whether you choose to hike the scenic trails or simply relax amidst nature's beauty, the choice is yours. 


In the afternoon, the Oktoberfest festivities kick into high gear! Join us for a celebration filled with traditional music, dancing, and, of course, more delicious German cuisine. Raise your stein and join in the merriment as we toast to friendship and good times. 


As the day winds down, take one last stroll through the picturesque surroundings of Starved Rock, savoring the memories of a truly unforgettable Oktoberfest adventure. 


Join us for a two-day tour filled with laughter, camaraderie, and the vibrant spirit of Oktoberfest. Experience the beauty of Starved Rock and the joy of celebrating German culture in a setting that's sure to leave you with memories to last a lifetime! 

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Single: $579/TRAVELER

Double: $477/TRAVELER

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